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What's new with cFIREsim 3.0?

- Posted: 12/1/2020

Greetings cFIREsim users far and wide! It is your friendly FIRE-focused developer friend Lauren. (Formerly known as bo_knows. Life comes at you fast lol.)

I am back from... well, I didn't really go anywhere. I haven't had any relevant development on cFIREsim in 4 years, because of a new job, 2 kids, and other life happenings.

However, I bring to you the 3rd major revision of cFIREsim. I've re-written the entire codebase in Python/Django, which I use for my day job, and I expect it to be much easier to add features in the future. I'm going to try a lot harder to provide transparency into what I'm currently working on (you can see this on my Trello board) and provide a better outlet for asking for new features (by more prominently showing my email address ([email protected]).

I'm still working on one or two features that will carry-over from the previous code, but I wanted to release this new site as soon as I could. Keep an eye out on the Trello board

What is different currently?

  • Made the site https-only for more secure data. (This is in-process. I had to deploy the new site before starting on this.)
  • Site is now automatically updating it's data from Robert Schiller's website, without my intervention.
  • While there is currently no log-in feature, each simulation will give a link on the output page that will allow you to return to it.
  • Previous versions of cFIREsim (and of other calculators like FireCalc) have rounded calculations, every step of the way, to 2 digits. On par with most other financial calculations, I'm now keeping 10+ digits of precision, until I display a value to you.
  • The look/feel of the Statistics page is different.

I'm looking forward to adding new investigation options ("find the smallest starting portfolio to achieve 100% success in this scenario", etc), new spending methods, new statistics categories, and any ideas you might come up with.