Show age and year number in graph mouseover

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Show age and year number in graph mouseover

Postby dihard » Thu May 08, 2014 6:29 pm

Right now when you hover over a spot in the graph the info area will display the following info for that data point:

Year: ____ Cycle Start Year: _____ Spend or Portfolio size: _____

I'm wondering if you could add one extra data field to show the year number/age so I can quickly see how far into that cycle's timeline it is. I know I can mentally subtract year from cycle start year, but when I'm sweeping my mouse over a whole bunch of lines having to do the math for every single data point gets annoying. It'd be nice to just put my mouse over points and for each one see:

Year: 1905 Cycle Start Year: 1871 Year number: 34 Age: 67 Spend or Portfolio size: _____

Year number is (Year - Cycle Start Year) and age is simply (Year number + your age).

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