Replicating Tax Effects a la I-ORP

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Replicating Tax Effects a la I-ORP

Postby bo_knows » Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:10 pm

When I first started this cFIREsim project, I was simultaneously fascinated by how FIreCalc worked, and how worked. I wanted to reproduce one on my own.

For me, it was easier to figure out where to find the data that FireCalc used than it was to figure out ALL of the tax laws pertinent to I-ORP. However, I think that it would be immensely beneficial to include the functionality of I-ORP into cFIREsim's modelling simulations.

However, I need a place to explicitly list any and all tax laws and tax information that might be used for doing such calculations.

I-ORP has many different asset classes that I'd need to define tax rules for:

- Illiquid Assets (Home, Business, Investment Property)
- Pensions
- Social Security Income
- Tax-deferred accounts (401k, 403b, etc)
- Roth IRA
- Taxable Investment Accounts
- Reverse Mortgages

I'm just using this post as a placeholder for information, if anyone can provide, on these specific tax scenarios and other pertinent information. If you provide information, please provide links to sources.
-Bo (Creator and Admin for cFIREsim)

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