New to /dev/ 10/22/2013

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New to /dev/ 10/22/2013

Postby bo_knows » Tue Oct 22, 2013 1:21 pm

- DELETED all saved simulations in the database, due to changes with the input page regarding the exact order of things when saving.
- Updated functionality of "Edit Saved Simulation Name" to prevent you from duplicate names
- Changed name of "VPW Method (In Development)" to "CVPW Method"
- Changed VPW calculations to match CVPW method. Including RATE calculation, Age of Portfolio Depletion, and Initial WR.
- Added "Spending Floor" for all variable spending methods. This allows for "No Floor", "Defined Floor", and "SS/Pensions" (which sets the floor each year to whatever Pensions/SS you're receiving).

I think a lot of this is ready for primetime soon. Hoping to update the main site by weeks end.
-Bo (Creator and Admin for cFIREsim)

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