with his shoes. “I tried all the troubleshoo

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with his shoes. “I tried all the troubleshoo

Postby caicai2017 » Fri Apr 19, 2019 3:58 am

A corrupted update wouldn’t have been lethal except for another Nike oversight: Some shoes shipped without Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose a “gold image” backup of the software they needed to operate. It was a recipe for making self-lacing shoes come undone.Many makers of connected things treat customers like guinea pigs. What’s missing is accountability.
Nike could have communicated better about its software problem, but Nike Air Max 95 Mujer at least it had a warranty and responsive support team. For Mike in Virginia, the episode mostly cost time in emails, a conference call with Nike, and lots and lots of fussing with his shoes. “I tried all the troubleshooting steps: resetting the hardware, resetting the software, resetting the Nike Air Max 270 Femme Bluetooth, uninstalling the app and reinstalling,” he said.
Nike spokeswoman Sandra Carreon-John said, “After working directly with the small number of affected customers, we have resolved the isolated connectivity issues with a software update that will be rolled out.”
At least you can take off the Adidas Superstar Femme sneakers. Imagine if you’ve built a smart product into your home and its maker goes out of business, sells to another company or for whatever reason shuts off your product.
“The law around all of these is developing,” said Justin Brookman, a Nike Air VaporMax Femme former staff member of the Federal Trade Commission who now runs privacy and technology policy for Consumer Reports. “We don’t really know if someone sells a connected product, what are the manufacturer’s obligations with regard to it.”
In this Wild West, Nike’s broken shoes look relatively Adidas Superstar Mujer innocent. Lots of IOT devices are also making grabs for data — keeping track of where you drive or when you turn on the lights. Google got in trouble last month for not disclosing it built a microphone into its Nest security product, which it activated after the fact with an update.
Another concern Nike Air Max 90 Damen Pink is how well, and for how long, makers of connected products issue updates for security risks, as we expect on laptops and phones.
Good grief — how are we supposed to figure out which products won’t conk out, spy on us or let in hackers? Consumer Reports Nike Air Max 270 Mujer is working to include security and privacy practices in its reviews, but Brookman said getting clear answers out of privacy policies is a challenge even for pros.
Another nonprofit group, the Mozilla Foundation, has been conducting security and privacy audits for its online guide “Privacy Nike Air Max 2017 Mujer Not Included.” Among its discoveries were scary privacy practices with adult toys, which you definitely don’t want spying on you.
You’d think the products made by big brands would score best, but that’s not always the case, said Becca Ricks, a researcher at Mozilla. “The companies with a lot Nike Air Max 90 Femme of brand recognition may have done a good job locking down security, but what we have questions about is their business model with our data,” she said.

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