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Postby caicai2017 » Fri Mar 22, 2019 6:04 am

These women know what’s going to happen to them when they get married. They understand that if they own anything, it becomes their husband’s. Not only do they know those things beforehand, but Nike Air Max Tn Femme they know that the law will eventually cripple them in really important ways that would allow for them to be financially stable and autonomous, would allow for them to have a legal identity separate from their husband.
Parents know this. The girls know this. The women know Nike Air Max 270 Mujer this. And they work around the law. They figure out how they can preserve some measure of financial security, in this particular case through the ownership of human beings, the ownership of enslaved African-Americans.
It’s really laughable that people would argue that for a black woman marrying someone Nike Air Max 90 Mujer would actually be a economic benefit for that. It’s laughable because you can actually see white women fighting very hard to avoid the financial disability that comes with marriage, that are built into the institution of marriage.
If you look at these [white] women and Nike Air Max 95 Mujer the gymnastics that they engage in in order to circumvent these disabilities that come with marriage, when it comes to their economic well-being, you realize that if it doesn’t work for them, it sure as hell ain’t gonna for the black woman.
You don’t provide concrete numbers regarding the number or percentage Nike Air Max 97 Mujer of white women who owned enslaved people. Why not?
Because the number of women who owned enslaved people in the 19th century alone is so extraordinarily large that I could not collect and analyze that data in the time that it took me to write this book by myself. Nike M2k Tekno Homme This is something that is something that I’m doing now. I’ve begun a project that is looking at selected cities and rural areas in the South, both in 1850 and 1860, in order to try to get a kind of just a slight, a basic understanding of slaveholding patterns amongst white Nike Air Force 1 Womens women throughout the South during these two decades to try to understand the broader phenomenon.
South Carolina has bills of sale for property transactions from the 1700s to pretty recently. I looked at a sample of 3,000 bills of sale involving enslaved people being purchased Nike Air Vapormax Femme or sold. Close to 40 percent Nike Air Max 95 Femme of the bills of sale included either a female buyer or a female seller.

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