ue—and minimize the visual disruption of f

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ue—and minimize the visual disruption of f

Postby caicai2017 » Wed Mar 20, 2019 5:36 am

The box’s depth pushed the limits of thermoforming technology in a different way. “Our thermoforming machines’ max draw was significantly challenged with this part. The paperboard shoebox itself was Adidas Superstar Mujerclose to 5.5 inches, on top of which we had to add the depth of the acrylic sheet. Thus, the depth of this part was right at the limit of our forming capabilities,” Slavin explains. “The depth just met the maximum distance that the platen can move, based on the framework of the machines themselves.”
Thermoforming the box Adidas ZX Flux Mujer without losing too much thickness at the bottom Nike Air Max 270 Mujer of the container was another key concern due to the depth requirements.
To overcome the bottom-thinning issue—and minimize the visual disruption of flow lines created when heated plastic meets the lower-temperature thermoform tool—Dordan engineered a tool with tiny teeth-like cavities that secured the plastic in the tool.
“When the assist plugs mounted on the pressure box www.heryarts.fr came down on the plastic to push the plastic into the tool, the teeth locked up, orienting and Nike Air Max 90 Femme Bleu holding the plastic taut within the footprint of the form tool,” Slavin explains. “It was important to control process inconsistencies that are inherent in thermoforming. The goal was to form the most structurally consistent and robust container.”
By improving control of the plastic’s orientation during forming, the modified form tool enabled more consistent material Adidas ZX 700 Mujer flow into the tool.Nike Air Max 270 Femme The result was a container with minimal flow lines and a bottom thickness consistent with the walls of the container.Concepts’ desire for crisp, defined logos molded into the bottom of the thermoformed box posed yet another challenge. To achieve this without compromising the box’s strength, Dordan machined a short male platform into the base of the Nike Air Max 90 Femme female tool and engraved the Nike SB and Concepts logos into the platform. This approach kept the logos from protruding past the bottom edge of the box, ensuring its structural integrity.
The package’s die-cut acrylic lid, which was produced by a different packaging supplier, posed another concern. The lid producer was relying on Dordan’s dimensions of the inner shelf on which the lid would sit.
“Due to the project time restraints, the acrylic manufacturer was not Adidas ZX 750 Mujer able to wait until we began production to verify the shelf dimensions,” Slavin recalls. “Consequently, we were only able Nike Air Max Classic BW Mujer to provide a ‘best guess’ for the acrylic, which was based on the anticipated material shrinkage and meeting the aggressive manufacturing tolerances that we were targeting.”
The thermoformer’s calculations were so exact that the finished acrylic lids and Nike Air Max 270 Womens thermoformed boxes had a friction fit. Because of this perfect fit, a large decal to cover the lid and secure it to the box—a feature of Concepts’ original package design—was deemed unnecessary. Ultimately, only two small decals were needed to secure the lid to the box.

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