Extra spending (Other Spending) Not Showing up in report?

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Extra spending (Other Spending) Not Showing up in report?

Postby ysette9 » Sun Sep 18, 2016 7:22 pm

Hi all. I hope this is seen by real people since it appears the forums here are full of spam posts by two users who need to be blocked.

I have a question about the "Extra Spending" section at the bottom of the inputs screen. When I have been playing around with this it appears that those inputs are being taken into account, however when I view the final reports I cannot find any evidence of it. As an example, I have a simulation with a base spending rate and then I add in an extra "Mortgage" spending for the first 30 years of retirement. I get a success rate X. To test this out, I also tried making that higher spending rate indefinite (as though I were permanently paying the mortgage) and I got a success rate <X. I also tried eliminating the mortgage extra spending and got a success rate that is >X. Therefore, I conclude that the simulation is working correctly. However it is a bit disconcerting to see the graphs and tables in the report say that my spending is only the base spending with no apparent inclusion of the additional mortgage amount for 30 years. Can anyone help enlighten me? I want a solid graphical case to present to my SO that this tool is reliable. :)

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